Dangerous and Defective Products

A products liability claim can arise when a person is injured by a dangerous or defective product and numerous parties can be held liable, including parties involved in the manufacturing and sale of the product, the manufacturer of component parts, an assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail store owner. Products are generally thought of as tangible personal property (automobiles, helicopters, airplanes, ladders, car seats, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, farm equipment, household products and appliances); however, products liability lawsuits have also been based on natural gas, pets, real estate and maps.
Dangerous and Defective Products

In a Louisiana personal injury or wrongful death case based on a dangerous or defective product, the plaintiff must first prove that the product is actually defective. Proof of a product defect can be based on its design, manufacturing, and/or marketing. At Welborn & Hargett, we approach a product liability case from every angle. In proving a product is defective, with the assistance of engineers and other experts, we search out the defect, whether it is:

  • A design defect that existed before the product was manufactured
  • A manufacturing defect that happened while the product was being produced
  • A marketing defect that arose from improper instructions or failures to warn

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Proving that a product is defective requires an experienced product liability attorney who knows how to effectively gather and organize the crucial information. At Welborn & Hargett, we have the resources and experience it takes. We know your rights. We will fight for them. Contact an experienced Lafayette product liability attorney at Welborn & Hargett, and let us do the rest of the work.